Refund Policy

Tech Support:

We take pride in our tech support and we hope you will allow us to address whatever issues are causing you to consider a refund. In most cases we can fix the problem if you contact us directly. Before requesting a refund we encourage you to contact Tech Support at: Note that our payment processor does not provide software tech support and cannot assist if you are having a problem. They will simply forward your email to us which delays the Tech Support process.

Software Updates:

Your registration includes free game updates. If you report a bug it will be fixed in a future update.

Refund Policy:

In rare instances, and only within 10 days of purchase, we may, at our discretion, issue a full refund.

Duplicate orders or technical difficulties where the game will not install are the only valid reasons to issue a full refund. If we’ve issued you a Registration Code/Activation Key that means you are able to launch the game. Any problems you are experiencing after that can be addressed through Tech Support.

In all other cases we will issue a partial refund as per the Refund Fees section.

Refund Fees:

We will refund the purchase price MINUS any payment processing fees and other costs incurred by our transaction with you such as shipping and handling fees if we’ve mailed you a computer disk.

When we issue a refund our payment processor still keeps the fees that they took when you purchased so issuing a full refund COSTS us money.

As all of our games allow you to Try Before You Buy or at least see the features available in the full version, there is no reason to request a refund. It is your responsibility to Try Before You Buy.


Before we issue a refund once we’ve issued your activation key/registration code, we require that you uninstall the game. All of our games now come with an Uninstaller in the menus that will deactivate your registration and create a code for you to send us to get your refund. You must send us the code from the uninstaller to receive a refund. If we haven’t yet sent you an activation key you won’t need to run the Uninstaller.

Your Responsibilities:

Shareware allows you to test the game prior to purchase. Even if the feature is not available for testing you can see that the feature exists in the full version. It is your responsibility to make sure our software games do what you want before you buy them. We encourage you to download the games, install and evaluate them prior to purchasing.

Help is always available by contacting We will assist you with registration and installation difficulties as well as other tech support issues.

If you email us and do not receive a response, or if you do not receive your activation key/registration code, go to the following URL to see if we’ve posted a message to you on our web page:

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