Activation Keys

Registration Numbers/Activation Keys are sent to you via email. Many of you have highly aggressive email filters to eliminate spam, junk mail, viral mail and so forth. While this may reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, it can also delete emails such as ours.

This is particularly a problem for our blackjack games, poker games and poker dice games. While we are a shareware company and we do not email you except to fill registration codes and handle tech support, the unfortunate problem for us is that casinos often do blast people with junk mail. Because of that, many junk mail filters look for casino terminology such as the word “blackjack” to determine whether an email should be put into your In Box.

Sometimes it’s simply a generally aggressive email filter. Hotmail made a change where emails sent to my husband did not arrive in his box, even though he had always received them. I had used an email address that was not on his buddy list and though the emails were normal emails without any trigger words, Hotmail deleted them anyway. You should not assume that because you are receiving SOME email that you are receiving ALL emails.

If you email us that you have not received our emails to you, we will repost an abbreviated version of our outgoing emails here. Ideally you should put us on your email buddy list so that we can communicate with you in the future, such as if you have a tech support issue or are upgrading to a new version. Our email is and has remained the same for a decade.

Harold C
Purchase Date: 2012-06-27
Blackjack Gold and Sounds
Your activation key for Blackjack Gold is:  287621-4413
For the sounds is: 537684
Please let me know you received this. Thanks.

Michael L
Unusual email address
Purchase Date: 2012-02-07
Blackjack Gold
Registration Number: 272598-5052
Originally emailed you with this number on February 7, 2012
Please let me know you received this. Thanks.

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