Pork Barrel

Runs on Mac System 7.0-9.0

Pork Barrel puts you in the President’s Hot Seat. Terrorist attacks, sex scandals, bombs falling from the skies, the budget, a hostage crisis, the Y2K bug and clerk Ditzmeyer converge on you. Better watch your back because if the people get mad enough you might find a bullet whizzing past your ear. You call the shots and you pay the piper for the results of your choices.

Can you balance the budget? Keep your campaign promises? Pay off the country’s national debt? Can you keep the people happy? Will an assassin whack you? Want to blow Saddam away? Can you stay out of trouble and keep your nose clean? You have the power to eliminate welfare and take control of social security. Think you can handle it?

Pork Barrel is full of surprises. Play a hand of poker with the Big Boys. Throw darts at a Saddam Hussein dart board. Play Pork Barrel trivia. Come face to face with outer space extraterrestrials. All work and no play makes for a grumpy president so you’ll get plenty of time to play once you’re elected President.

Download Pork Barrel for Macintosh System 7.0-8.5

A Pork Barrel Hint Book is available that tells you how to get items, beat the extraterrestrials, become a Harvard graduate, which choices you should and should not make, how to win at golf, how to get the last Fountain of Youth question to pop up, how to find Bigfoot, ways to increase taxes without breaking your No New Taxes promise, when to make changes to the budget, how to get Marilyn Monroe’s autograph, and just about everything else to win the game and get the highest score. The hint book also includes a few Easter Eggs.

Order the Hint Book for $6
Pork Barrel Question Page

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