Fortune Puzzles

Runs on Mac System 7.0 and possibly System 8.5-9

Solve these word find puzzles and Madame Murghi will appear from the murky depths of her crystal ball to tell your fortune. Better be nice to our Madame Murghi, she might blast you with a fortune that will make your face pucker like a prune. The Madame has a very wicked sense of humor. You’re going to LOVE the trick puzzle….. bwa ha ha ha ha!

Fortune Puzzles was our very first release, predating even our posting of the news. Sadly we were working on a really cool update when Macintosh came out with OSX, and that “broke” both the old and new versions. The release of OSX broke all of our Macintosh games, and the software builder we were using did not move forward into OSX.

We kept waiting for them to come out with a compatible compiler but they never did. Eventually we migrated to a cross platform compiler and brought some of our games into the new millenium. With the proliferation of free online games now available, the only ones under consideration for re-release are those that do not have a myriad of free versions available. If we’ve brought it forward you’ll find it under “Downloads” in the sidebar.

As for Fortune Puzzles itself, this Mac game works best on older Macintoshes. Compatible with system 7.0, it even works well at speeds as low as 16 mhz (not that anyone still has one of those). Works on newer computers running System 7 but it is a bit clunky and without some of the visual effects.


Download Fortune Puzzles for Macintosh System 7.0

Note: Freeware is NOT in the public domain. This puzzle game is free to play and free to distribute, as long as no money is charged for it, it is distributed with all of the supporting documentation and nothing is changed. ALL copyrights belong to Gypsy King Software and Sharon Delarose.

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