Thank You!

You are a total dreamboat! Thank You!

Please bookmark this page until you receive your activation key.

If you forgot to enter your Game Code when you purchased:

  1. Don’t panic!

  2. Launch the game

  3. In the Registration Menu of the game, select Game Code

  4. Paste (or type in) the Game Code into an email and send it to us at:

  5. If you have any questions, send us an email

On a Macintosh, the Registration menu is at the top of your monitor screen. On Windows, it is at the top of the game window.

THANK YOU for supporting our games and other goodies 🙂

SOFTWARE REGISTRATION CODE/ACTIVATION KEY: If you sent the Game Code and a valid email address, we can issue your registration code/activation key. We fulfill codes manually (in other words, a human does it, not an automated system). We check email at least twice a day to fulfill registration codes. Most folks get their code within a few hours.

RECEIVING YOUR REGISTRATION CODE/ACTIVATION KEY: If you haven’t received your registration code within 48 hours, email us. The primary reason you would not hear from us is that your email filter will block or filter our emails, so check your Spam or Junk Mail folder. Hotmail is especially bad about this. Another issue we encounter is that the email address you entered is incorrect, therefore our email with the registration code will not get to you. You can notify us if you encounter a problem and we’ll post your code on our Activation Keys Support Page. You can check the activation keys page to see if we’ve posted a message to you online (you can get to it from our Tech Support web page as well).

SOFTWARE UPDATES: Your registration includes software updates. If you report a bug, it will be fixed in a future update. Game updates are free. You may need to contact us with the new Game Code to get a new activation key. The new install may or may not recognize your registration automatically.

CONTACTING US: If you have any questions about any of our games, bug reports, difficulty registering, or just want to tell us how much you are enjoying a game, send us an email. We may even post your comment on our Kudos and Catcalls page!

May you always be surrounded by the joy and laughter of loved ones!

Gypsy King Games

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